Scar Stories Podcast

Our scars become our stories. When we experience brokenness, we can choose to allow Jesus to use our stories to comfort, change and challenge others. I’d love for you to tune in to “The Scar Stories Podcast” as my friends and I share how Jesus has transformed our messes into His message. You can find the podcast on my Facebook and Instagram pages or on YouTube. For your convenience, I also have them posted below. And, take a listen to a few of the messages I’ve preached at our church about my story, mental illness, suicide, parneting, and marriage.

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Scar Stories

I love hearing people’s stories of brokenness and then redemption! I’m so thankful that several of my friends were brave and vulnerable enough to share their journeys with us! 


A series of messages I’ve preached on mental illness, stigmas, and suicide. 


Messages about the trauma of abandonment.

One Tough Mother

A message about what it actually means to be the “Proverbs 31 Woman” (it’s not what you think!).

Relationship Goals

A series of messages my husband and I preached about…you guessed it: Relationships!


I love to write – It helps me process circumstances, situations, and information. I hope you connect with these blogs on mental illness, parenting, and Jesus. Drop a comment and I’ll look forward to interacting with you!


I am not going to lie…I more often than not feel like I’m owed. I mean, be honest, don’t you? If you are thinking, “No, I really don’t.” Then riddle me this: Why do you get hurt, angry,...

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