Scar Stories – Emy & Emily Vasquez

Scar Stories – Emy & Emily Vasquez

Scar Stories: Emily Vasquez (Church Trauma Remix)

* This remix of my conversation with Emily includes my podcast’s intro and outro. *

I can’t wait for you to meet my girl Emily Vasquez. We met two years ago and connected instantly.

Emily shares her wild story of trauma and redemption. She tells how she had a mental/emotional breakdown and her husband contemplated suicide, while they were leading a church in Boston. We talk about how the church (as a whole) has done a huge disservice to those of us in leadership and what we need to do better as Jesus Followers when dealing with brokenness, mental health, and trauma. I’m telling you, this was a good one!


Scar Stories: Emy Vasquez

I met Emy and his wife Emily a few years ago when I heard him share his story for the first time at a conference. I listened in tears. He talked about his trauma so vulnerably and hilariously (wild, right?)…I was blown away. This was a few months after losing my brother to suicide. I felt like listening to him was my first step in healing over the loss of my brother.

Emy is the Lead Pastor at Excel Church in Boston. He is such a dynamic preacher…I can’t wait for you to hear his heart…because that’s exactly what he shares in this interview. Follow him on Instagram @therealemy.


This podcast is so important-Jesus cares about your mental health, and though it often seems like the church at large doesn’t, it should. I’d recommend this podcast especially to people who grew up or are in fundamental religions, but everyone can benefit and learn from it.

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