Scar Stories: Linda Hedrick (Abortion)

Scar Stories: Linda Hedrick (Abortion)

Ya’ll, this was a tough, very vulnerable conversation. We talk about a lot of really hard things, so please listen whenever you are in the right head space. You may even want to listen with someone.

I’ve known Linda for as long as I’ve known my husband, Bryant. I can’t wait for you to meet her and hear her story. I’d love to hear your thoughts after you listen. You can email me from

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Scar Stories: Linda Hedrick (Abortion)

Jennie Lusko (Grief and Loss)

I have followed Jennie and Levi’s story for years, but never had the opportunity to meet them personally. Jennie is the real deal. Her humility, grace, and wisdom blew me away. This was one of the most special interviews I’ve done…I know you are going to walk away challenged, encouraged, and inspired.

After you watch, let me know what you loved the most about the interview!

Be sure to follow Jennie on social media @jennielusko and get her book, The Fight to Flourish anywhere books are sold. Also, check out their podcast: “Hey, It’s the Luskos!”

Scar Stories: Linda Hedrick (Abortion)

Scar Stories: Rachel Faulkner Brown

Rachel Faulkner Brown was widowed TWO TIMES before age 30. She shares her story and how God has healed her heart and freed her from shame. We talk about how to handle difficult seasons in marriage, parenting, and life in general.

Her ministry, Be Still Ministries, released a Bible Study, The Father’s House, that starts TONIGHT at 8PM! To join, please go to or I know so many of you would be so encouraged!

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