Scar Stories: Carlos Whittaker (Anxiety and Racism)

Scar Stories: Carlos Whittaker (Anxiety and Racism)

I have been following Carlos Whittaker (@loswhit) for a while now. He took a photo of his anxiety medication years ago encouraging us to keep moving towards healing, whatever it took! I was inspired to begin sharing about my journey with anxiety meds. Carlos is authentic and vulnerable and fun to watch!

In this interview, we talk a lot about anxiety and race. Carlos has challenged and informed my view of racism in America. He is kind and gracious and has friends and followers on both sides. I really want to encourage you to listen to this interview and hear his heart. Regardless of whether you agree or not, it’s so important to learn from each other’s experiences.

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Check out Carlos’ books: Kill the Spider, Moment Maker, and Enter Wild.

Scar Stories: Carlos Whittaker (Anxiety and Racism)

Scar Stories: Bryant Golden (Married to Mental Illness)

You ask, I deliver!

So many of you wonder what you should do, think, feel if you are in relationship with someone who has a mental illness. I asked my husband to join me on the podcast and I told him to be 100% honest – I said not to hold back at all. And he did just that! I know some of you will find so much comfort from this podcast and will relate to everything Bryant shares!

Scar Stories: Carlos Whittaker (Anxiety and Racism)

Scar Stories: Dr. Kevin Hull (Stress)

Kevin has been my counselor for the past TEN YEARS! We talk all about the stress of 2020 and how our bodies are reacting physically and psychologically. He gives some incredible ways to center ourselves to the moment and to counteract the “Fight or Flight” that we often do automatically during hard seasons.

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